The prettiest of 'em all

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of ‘em all?
When I was a kid, for almost all special occasions I was made to wear this hideous pom-pom style ribbon pinned firmly to my hair. I hated the look wholeheartedly, but unfortunately my mum loved it as she did love everything ‘girly’. As at the time this sort of ruched ribbon pinned right on top of one’s head was considered a real highlight of style or something,so  she insisted on me ‘joining the club’. I hated those hideous things so much, that once in a while (or like every time I wore them) I’d attempt ‘lose’ or ruin those pom-poms for good, only for them to come back on me with a vengeance again and again and again.
Luckily this hideous look went out of fashion, and ribbons were no more.

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