Where are leaves?

As we were having a coffee break at work with some celebratory cake – after all winter is over and spring is here, a  colleague shared this little story of her daughter with us:
A girl of some 3 years old got up today, and first thing ran to the window to look outside. She stood over there for quite a while, looking in all direction as if trying to spot something in particular, until her mother got curious, and ventured to ask her, ‘What are you looking at dear?’. The girl looked back at her mom with her lower lip already trembling in a building up cry, and replied in the most hurt manner, ‘It is spring already, ain’t it? So why there are no green leaves on trees then?’ Her mom was left speechless.
How can you explain to little kids that 1st of March, and calendar spring do not really mean it is spring already, huh? And I share that little girl’s sentiment, snow be gone, give me colors, leaves and grass back

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