Lazy Sunday

The first weekend of spring is still much winter like – for the starters we’ve got a short blizzard, then some sunshine, and again some more snow. But my spirit is already high, no matter what but like in a month’s span it should start changing to the more spring like manner for good. It’s March after all, and it’s for a reason that the first month of spring bears name  ‘kovas’ in Lithuanian, which quite literary means ‘battle’ or ‘fighting’.
During my jogging session on Sunday morning I went past this somewhat angry looking woman like snowman, which caught y eye so much that I even took a picture of it.
Angry and lonely snowman-lady

Sometime into my jogging session, I’ve had this brilliant idea – why not make her a mate? It is spring after all, and it’s nature’s mating time. So I’ve changed my jogging direction, so that I’d go back to that snowman-lady. And here are the results.
A happy duo

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