Time machine

Commercials and ads can be so annoying, but few exceptions are so good, timely and catchy that you can really enjoy them. One of such open air ads campaign which I really enjoy is promoting the many joys of reading, and one can see many and many reading themed posters all over the city. With slogans raging from 'Time machine on your book-shelve... Open the book', 'travel the world in 80 pages... Open the book', 'Need something romantic... Open the book', etc. it has caught my eye and every time i see those ads they make me smile. That's just my kind of ads :)
My sort of time machine ;)


Lazy Sunday

The first weekend of spring is still much winter like – for the starters we’ve got a short blizzard, then some sunshine, and again some more snow. But my spirit is already high, no matter what but like in a month’s span it should start changing to the more spring like manner for good. It’s March after all, and it’s for a reason that the first month of spring bears name  ‘kovas’ in Lithuanian, which quite literary means ‘battle’ or ‘fighting’.
During my jogging session on Sunday morning I went past this somewhat angry looking woman like snowman, which caught y eye so much that I even took a picture of it.
Angry and lonely snowman-lady

Sometime into my jogging session, I’ve had this brilliant idea – why not make her a mate? It is spring after all, and it’s nature’s mating time. So I’ve changed my jogging direction, so that I’d go back to that snowman-lady. And here are the results.
A happy duo


Where are leaves?

As we were having a coffee break at work with some celebratory cake – after all winter is over and spring is here, a  colleague shared this little story of her daughter with us:
A girl of some 3 years old got up today, and first thing ran to the window to look outside. She stood over there for quite a while, looking in all direction as if trying to spot something in particular, until her mother got curious, and ventured to ask her, ‘What are you looking at dear?’. The girl looked back at her mom with her lower lip already trembling in a building up cry, and replied in the most hurt manner, ‘It is spring already, ain’t it? So why there are no green leaves on trees then?’ Her mom was left speechless.
How can you explain to little kids that 1st of March, and calendar spring do not really mean it is spring already, huh? And I share that little girl’s sentiment, snow be gone, give me colors, leaves and grass back