Going Bollywood

Vilnius University Centre of Oriental Studies has organized this small Indian feature films festival to commemorate 20 years of establishment of Indo-Lithuanian diplomatic relationships.


Even if a minimum wage increases, it will still be just a minimum wage
Politics, politics, politics. Election to Lithuanian Parliament fast approaches, and political discussions/advertising/making of post-election promises get heated. Sometimes even trash bins become podiums for statements.


Like A...


...Rocky. Remember that old feature film 'Rocky' with Silvester Stallone? There is a scene in that movie, where Rocky victoriously runs up the many stairs and jumps a joy holding his arms up. Well, I've been jogging almost daily for a couple of past years, and once in a while I attempt to run up this one very steep hill non-stop. Uh-huh. So far not once I've managed to do that. Some way just past half of the ascend I run out of steam and just have to stop to catch my breath back or even to stop. But who knows maybe my jump a joy is just around a corner, and like Rocky one day I'll be all smiles on top of that damn hill :)


Doing it right

Just a thought I had watching some TV show. Kids have to rely to their parents, family like for everything, but as one grows there is less and less need for leaning on your family per se in a sense that one could not survive without this bond. And that's when it shows, if this all family and parenting thing ever worked well. If grown up kids still want to hang with their parents and family, then you were doing it right.