Like A...


...Rocky. Remember that old feature film 'Rocky' with Silvester Stallone? There is a scene in that movie, where Rocky victoriously runs up the many stairs and jumps a joy holding his arms up. Well, I've been jogging almost daily for a couple of past years, and once in a while I attempt to run up this one very steep hill non-stop. Uh-huh. So far not once I've managed to do that. Some way just past half of the ascend I run out of steam and just have to stop to catch my breath back or even to stop. But who knows maybe my jump a joy is just around a corner, and like Rocky one day I'll be all smiles on top of that damn hill :)
...Shopaholic. Buying on-line saves lots of time, and it's so much easier than going to many and many shops before you finally come around just the perfect item you've been looking for. On the other hand it's so contagious that sometimes I have to force myself to stop right before I've went over my budget. Unfortunately sometimes this inward breaks just do not work. But what a heck, I LOVE the dress.

...Lunatic. It's not even a full moon yet, but it feels as if it's a high peek of it. It's been a crazy CRAZY day at work, so bad that right after the first hour since my workday started I was already wishing that I just could go home and hide under my blankets for some piece and quiet. Whew, I don't know how, but I survived it, and came out alive. Hopefully, the worst will be over by tomorrow. If not I might just severe the telephone lines or something ;) D'ya think it could work, huh?

...Pro. The deal is finally closed. So until the end of September, as we've been told, our company will change hands for good, and a new owner will take over for better or worse. A bit scary, but at least there is hope that finally we'll know what possible future there might be for all of us, if any at all there is. Holding fingers crossed.

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