Re-post. A moment of transition


I had this thought today observing kids in a playground just outside my window.
Have you ever noticed that small kids are rather running than walking the ground? It's like they do have some invisible wings which send them flying. And it's usually the adults which more or less try to slow them down ('Stop running!', 'Wait for me', 'Don't run there!', 'Be careful', etc.), but to a certain moment not so much successful. It's like they, kids, are airborne and the only reason they are on earth is that the adults could not or would not taught them how to really fly, but instead put every effort to keep them on ground. And then sometime a day of transition comes when a kid stops running, I mean really stops running - one might do some jogging for health, sports or whatever reason, but it's not of the same kind of running as a child's one. It's like some weight is landed on one's shoulders which turns running to some intentional act instead of that it used to be - a natural state of moving around. And the running itself. I've never saw an adult that much into running as kids are.
Does it mean that when kid loses his airborne attitude towards running he/she is no longer that much a kiddo anymore?

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