Small wonders

This winter so far was like a ride on some swings – either it is freezing like hell, either it is all rainy/slushy/murky weather outside. After a couple of weeks of cold treatment, the last week was one of them mild ones, so by the weekend snow everywhere was either gone, or all gone black and yucky, so waking up on Sunday morning to a white winter fairy tale was a real eye candy. All the trees were covered in white robes, and the fresh snow on the ground was just this perfect type for making some good ol’ snowmen. I went for my usual weekend stroll to a nearby forest (I was feeling too much preoccupied with capturing all this beauty around me to call that a jogging session), and just as I was about to wrap it up I could not help myself and just had to built one of them myself. This is just the kind of winter I love, but I already wish for spring to come faster, and as birds in the forest sing more and more with everyday I take in this snowy perfection as just one last stretch on a way to a blossoming spring.

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