Survival of the Fittest?

David and Goliath. The other day I've witnessed a fly get caught in a spider web. The fly was a fat one, and just as her legs got stuck on the web, she started to buzz angrily and fight hard to get away. Meanwhile, a tiny spider ran to the fly in anticipation of a big feast. But as the fly beat her wings and tried to wiggle away with all the force she had, spider would withdraw as if blown away by those attempts, then would try again and again to close on his pray. It rather reminded me of that biblical story of David and Goliath for some reason, though I really could not tell, who was who in this survival race.
The other time I went past that web, it was clear who've won the battle. Victor was nowhere in sight, but his feast leftovers were more than enough to tell the whole story.
In a way i find myself in a rather similar situation like that very fly - caught in a sticky spider web, and valiantly trying to getaway sound and free, only I cannot see the mastermind of that web, so cannot know if my attempts could get me anywhere or just worsen the predicament. One way or another it all will end soon. We're promised that at least.