Days of Gold

Indian summer. For a week we were fortunate to enjoy a streak of really great weather with temperatures at day time rising as high as 19 C. The last of golden and crimson leaves paraded in front of one's eyes, calling to enjoy the rays of still bright sunshine, but reminding it would not last for long with every blow of the already cooling wind.
Together with colleagues at work we've hatched a plan to make the best of this almost summerish weather, and last Friday we've had a barbecue afternoon right outside our office building. Who could've thought that a small lot of grass could make such a nice place for BBQ party LOL.
Party muscles. On Saturday night we had a girls' night out. It's been a while since I last had such a crazy night in town literary visiting every single pub on our way until the three of us was were beat with tiredness and... of some happy-go-lucky liquid temptations ;)
Good all night long parties are usually always fun. Unfortunately, there is always a pay back time. For me it was Sunday. Did there really was one? Haven't even noticed it come and go. Clearly, I must've lost my party-all-night kind of muscles.

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