Obstacle Course

Golden, Crimson and Darkness. Maples are still bright with receding golden and crimson leaves, and an already thick carpet of leaves has formed on the ground. Evening jogging sessions in a nearby forest are now the ones in the fast ascending gloom, but until we go back to winter time there will be enough light for a stroll now and then. A few more weeks, then we we turn clocks back an hour, and the forest will be out of limits - it will be just too dark to go there. Well, at least for jogging.
Fallen leaves rustle under my feet, hop, there's a fallen tree on my way, then yet another - almost a real obstacle course. Ever since the Western roundabout construction has begun the forest has been left unattended by caretakers, so when a tree falls, it stays there for long. On the other hand, even this obstacle race in a fast growing gloom is so much better than running in circles in a nearby school track. Alas soon that track will become my temporary homage for evening exercise sessions. Forest paths and hills will be visited only on weekends at day time or when the first snow comes. Once snow covers all the paths it will once again be bright just enough to brave all the curves.
Obstacle Race as an Epitome of Today. This year our company has been put up for a sale. After many and many months while decisions were made and some hands were finally shaken closing the deal, we were finally informed how everything ended. But has it really ended? Nah, quite on the contrary. The new owner finally decided to come visit and to shed some light on his plans regarding us. Well, the news are with this double layer bottom - 'Sorry guys, we never really wanted you, we only bid for you to make sure we get Estonian company. What's gonna happen to you? Well... most probably we're gonna sell you.' And I can bet one million I don't even own that I know who this yet another buyer could be, and I already cringe with this very thought. So now it's an obstacle course, and the only question is, if we're running from a wolf to a bear, or am I over thinking this whole thing after all and all won't be as bad as I envision. Let's just wait and see.

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