Summer time

Since on last Saturday summer has officially started, I could not waste a minute of the perfect weather and opened my swimming season. Ah, good thing that so close to my home there is a lake which I can be easily reached by foot or – if I want to get there faster – by bicycle.

just some 10 minutes of pedaling and there it is…
2 kilometers are like nothing when I’m driven by the desire to plunge into water :) And since the swimming season is open, why limit myself to sunny days only? Any day is a swimming day unless it’s really too cold for that.
almost some sort of a personal heaven on Earth – green and soft grass, water, and a pleasant company of two ‘guys’ ;)

Also the company on those not so sunny and not so hot days are so much better and so much quieter too ;)

That’s what I call good company, when I’m up to enjoy some solitude :D Their swimming costumes are also were dashing and catching the eye
On the more serious note, I’ve switched jobs like a month ago. Since the job offer was like grab it or loose it, but in either way I’d loose by then my current job, I took my chances and plunged deep into new water. What can I say? I’m starting to dot some ‘eyes’ already, I can state that I’ve forgotten that some companies could be such… joy killers. If I cannot find at least something to enjoy in this new company, then I’ll be back to looking for something else.
Like a neighborhood where my new office is located, there is something fishy about this new company. Can’t yet put a finger on it, neither can I tell if I really can’t find anything to like about this new job, but for a while I’m still about to give it a fair shot.
One of the ugliest of new neighborhoods in Vilnius. Built on a former landfill, with buildings rising up to 12 story high – as if it’s NY or something, and with building so close to each other that some balconies come so close to each other that it seems one neighbor could climb balconies to visit another in the opposing building. Concrete jungle which leaves me rather depressed and sorry for every one living there

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  1. Na va kaip su tais darbais negerai..
    Gražioje vietoje gyveni! Aš irgi gyvenu gražioje, nors kiek toliau ežeras. Tik šiemet, įtariu, pasidžiaugti neteks (: