It's time for blue

Two weeks ago among all this snow only empty nesting-boxes could’ve given a clue it’s time for spring
Just a couple of weeks ago there was more than plenty of snow all around, and it seemed that spring is in no hurry to come. But a little bit of good ol' sunlight did the deed and the snow is gone for good and is now being rapidly replaced with the first blossoms of spring. It's time for blue and my all time favorite spring wild flower - a deep bow and welcome to a queen of spring - violet.
and now just you watch it – everything is in such a hurry to fall into blossom, that it would be easier to stop a waterfall :)

Though there is still more of a limp than a spring to my feet, I could not help it, and let this perfect and sunny weather to lure my outside, and step after limp I've found myself surrounded by first colors and blossoms of this rather late spring, and among many and many song birds filling the air. It feels as if nothing could go wrong. Hopefully the feeling will last as I'm going to need it. Going back to work tomorrow, and the two weeks in this job might not be all that easy. Still, I've a new job to look forward, so like in that song - I will survive. Cheers and enjoy your spring :D
One happy me with a handful of violets to make me smile. Not even a hurting feet could stop me :D


  1. Aš irgi džiaugiuosi pasibaigusia žiema. Vėjuota čia, bet, kaip sakoma, nevaryk dievo į medį. Pas mus irgi žydėti gėlės pradeda, bet žibučių nemačiau, tik narcizus (:

    1. na, narcizai ir vis šis tas :) Man tai kažkaip žibutė yra ta pati tikriausia pavasario gėlė, kurią nuo vaikystės įpratau rasti netoliese esančiam miške. Tiesa pasakius, net keista būdavo, kai kur kitąsyk nuvažiuoji pavasarį į mišką ir nepamatai nė vienos žibutės, nes jos ten paprasčiausiai neauga. Pvz. kaime nė su žiburiu žibučių ar pakalnučių nerasi, o čia prie vos ne prie pat namų - mėlynuoja žibutės :D