New Year in... 3, 2, 1

2012 is almost over, and looking back, I'd say that was the most challenging, trying, and mind screwing year so far. Hopefully 2013 will be at least a tad bit easier, and will give me some breaks I rather need.
Sometime ago either on-line, either in some magazine I've read this article on sleeping positions, and what they tell about you. Up until then I haven't had trouble at falling asleep, and I used to go out like almost the very moment my head'd hit a pillow to wake up to morning alarm in almost identical position and on the very same spot of my bed. Since I've read that article - or maybe that's just a coincidence - I have trouble getting comfortable, like the bed suddenly became hard or all possible sleeping positions uncomfortable, etc. Ah, if all was just about finding a new position or 'good' spot.
One year ago, right before Christmas 2011, we were told that our company is going to be sold. Now one year later we find ourselves sold for the second time in one year, and with things going downhill so fast it's really scary. 2012 was supposed to be the Year The World Ended. And in a way it did. Only on a much much lesser scale.
Same on personal side - all the ups of this year turned out to be the biggest falls and disappointments, so that finding inner poise was mission impossible. Starting with things which broke down out of the blue, ending with some relationships which burned to cinder in one go, I say 2012 was a truly nightmarish year, and as the year changes will gladly way it farewell, hoping the future is going to be brighter. If not... well, I might then buy some bright dyes and brighten it up all by myself ;)

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